CATIDO Venice Cbox PL1 Concealed Thermostatic Shower Mixer in White ( Glass Mixer )

  • Concealed internal and external elements in white with chrome knobs
Kod produktu: Venice Cbox PL1 White
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1 199,00 zł
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A shower mixer with a CBOX casing for easy installation, as well as ensuring performance of the safety functions of the product. This product is virtually indestructible with two safety filters, an adjustable rosette and the possibility of undercutting the CBOX casing up to 68 mm to ensure a good, varied fit. The thermostatic head used in this product is manufactured and produced by Vernet.

Vernet is a global leader in thermostatic elements. Vernet's thermostatic cartridges incorporate the know-how developed for thermostatic elements. This meets many requirements: performance at a low flow rate and the compatibility with drinking water worldwide.

Made of white glass 4 mm SLIM, chrome white raincoat finish 35 cm x 25 cm, arm 35 cm and shower head hose smooth.


  • Fits perfectly to the toilet buttons offered for the flush-mounted frame on our VITRA website, shared by the owners VILLEROY & BOCH and ALCAPLAST.
  • Perfectly blends with VITRA ceramic products - the best in this category.
  • A great set for VENICE basin faucet as well as ORISTO cabinets with glass wash basins KRĘEMIEŃ produced exclusively for CATIDO.
  • Easy care of the rosette will make our life easier and perfectly fit into the whole professionally made bathroom product unrivaled to complement with the other equipment, such as a rain shower, arm, handles, headphones in a chrome version.

The glossing process, using a powder coating that is assigned during the production process, due to this method even after years of use; it is easy to bring it back to its original state.

  • ATZ PZH Construction Sign        
  • Door to Door Warranty 
  • Lifetime warranty

Most of the products available on the market with cover casing those claiming that are made in the EU, are still manufactured in China and poorly designed. Our castings are made in Lithuania in a large company that received EU funding; hence we can give a lifetime guarantee on our products. We are confident in this company as we have been shown certificates to prove the purchase of raw materials, the cans are produced in the Czech Republic, chroming process takes place in China, but the factory which does it also, chromes for a very large and well-known German company which gives us a guarantee of a well-made product. Everything being in the right place provides us with certainty of water tightness.

Criticisms come after time, let's not be fooled by inadequate products. We have extensive experience with Chinese subcontractors. We have drawn conclusions. We already produce very large amounts for well-known Polish companies. The value of this product is much higher. The brand is not yet appreciated on the market. In the case of cheaper and similar price counterparts with poor quality brass, there is a high possibility of damaging the ceramic head and the switch by breaking away from the brass body. It is simply rinsed with a larger admixture of zinc; as a result microchips can also form after a while.

This poor quality chrome, visible in the external sealing, loud product work and not placing the entire concealed element in the box is a result of poorly designed product. We have a lot of experience and over the years we have come to the conclusion that this design even though may be cheaper, in the long run it may cost you a lot more due to issues shown in the image above/ here. 

Our concealed CBOX products are patented, we have industrial and utility patent, which only increases the value of our brand which is still underestimated on the market. Big European companies already cooperate with us, where we have exclusive rights to their products.

CATIDO is price-quality-functionality-design this type of criteria applies to each of us, we can all forget sometimes and as a result there are consequences. Our passion is not to become complacent and not to overpay but to be focused in the right direction to achieve the best possible final effect.

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